You invest your hard earned money into having a car, let us make sure that it’s well maintained.

Getting an interior detailing with Goode’s Custom allows your vehicle to receive a level of care that is high end & clean without cutting the corners leaving customers with the feeling of a high-end luxury detail.

See our packages below for options within your budget and get your needs taken care of.

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Wash Clay Seal with Full Interior Most thorough package available for quality care

  • Exterior package
  • Wash to get rid of any debris
  • Clay removes industrial contamination before sealant is applied
  • Finishing seal to continue resistance and strengthen surface
  • Vacuum removal of any debris
  • Hot water extraction of carpet and seats (if fabric)
  • Steam cleaning of all plastics and seats (if leather)
  • Conditioning of leather seats (if applicable)
  • Wipe down of door jambs and windows

Maintenance Wash

  • Recommended every 6 months
  • Maintains ceramic coated vehicles 
  • Ensures longevity of services
  • Includes exterior wash and top sealant
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